Loving You.

Loving you was like electricity in my bones. It was like a drug scorching my veins. Like you were devouring every ounce of my being. Loving you was feeling powerless. You had so much control and I was helpless to fall into you over and over again. Every time I try to escape you, you swallow me up in your waves. A million eyes could be looking at me, and mine would still be fixed on yours.

Loving you was like waging war on my own heart. Breaking it and putting it back together again. Losing pieces to you along the way. Not knowing who I was or where I was going but that was okay. Loving you was losing sleep but not realizing time. It was being encapsulated in the very moment. It was listening to you talk but being speechless.

Loving you is knowing that your ribs are supposed to be a protective cage to the most vital part of yourself. I would break every single one to let you inside as long as it meant you wouldn’t fade away.


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